What are the challenges in the implementation?

India is adopting a dual GST, namely the Central GST (CGST) and state GST (SGST). The main hurdle in the implementation will be the coordination among different states. The Centre and States will have to come to consensus on the uniform GST rates, inter-state transaction of goods and services, infrastructural requirements to implement the new tax reform, all of which needs to be worked upon for the smooth transition into GST pattern.

Other factors to be considered:
Since GST is a destination based tax, there should be clarity on where the goods are going. Proper methodology should be chalked out as it would require proper management in terms of services provided.
There has to be uniformity in the implementation of GST in all states at the same time and the same rates or else it would be difficult to comply with the law provisions.

Features of GST:
GST will have two components namely Central GST levied by the Centre and State GST levied by the states.
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